Eguan is a block storage system designed for the Cloud

Main features

  • > High availability, real-time data replication
  • > Historization: device snapshots, creation of a new device
       from a snapshot
  • > Optimization of the storage volume, copy-on-write (or COW)
  • > Integrity checks, distributed transactions
  • > Precise location of data
  • > Administration via a REST API or a Web-based interface

Eguan is integrated with OpenStack

Creation of a device, association of a device with a virtual machine, creation of a snapshot, modification of the size of a device, ... any operation can be performed from the OpenStack administration tools d’OpenStack

Eguan is an open source software

Eguan was designed by Oodrive as part of the nu@ge project. Eguan is an anagram of the word 'nuage' (cloud). The project's source code is available on GitHub under the Apache 2.0 license.